Rotary Club Bogor

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GIVE BACK VISION - Free Cataract Project

Year                 :   2012 - 2014

Location           :   Ainun Habibie Clinic, Bogor

Beneficiaries      :   100 senior citizens in Bogor surroundings

Activities          :   Perform a Free Cataract surgery

Project cost      :   IDR 5.000.000,- per patient 

Project duration:   2 years ongoing

Initiated by Rotary Club Bogor and Rotary Club Jakarta Sentral, funded by Rotary Club of Queenstown Singapore.

Free Harelips and Cleft Palate Project, Ciluar Bogor

Year                 :   2006 - 2011

Location            :  Jakarta and Bogor

Beneficiaries      :   150s children and babies from Bogor family surroundings

Activities          :   Perform a harelips and cleft palate surgery

Project cost      :  Rp 2.500.000 - 3.000.000,- per patient 

Project duration:   6 years ongoing

Initiated by Rotary Club Bogor, funded by Rotary Clubs from Oregon, USA, The Dutch Foundation, LSDC,  RC Jakarta Metropolitan. Conducted by Yayasan Sinar Pelangi and Yayasan Kenari.

Toilet Renovation for Elementary School (SD Carang Pulang 1 & 2 )

Year                       :   2012

Location                 :   SD Carang Pulang 1 & 2

Beneficiaries           :   Elementary School Children

Description              :   Renovate the toilet building and build new wash hands facility

Conducted by Rotary Club Bogor with the help from Rotaractor Buitenzorg on educating children how to stay clean in school and use toilet properly

Clean Water Project Desa Suka Makmur

Year                       :   2008

Location                :   Desa Sukamakmur, 

                                       Kec. Sukamakmur


Beneficiaries      :   822 families

Description        :   Built water reservoirs and distribution of pipelines

Project cost        :  US$ 30,000

Project duration :   5(five) months

Matching Grant 65550 project between:

•  RC Bogor •  RC Gyeongju East (South Korea)  •  RC Yamato Naka (Japan)

Reforestration Project

Year                     :  2008

Activities              :  Planting 300 trees as part of Rotary D3400

                               “Planting A Million Trees” program

Project  location   :  Kampung Teluk Waru Nanggung, Kab. Bogor

Project  duration  :  One week

Project carried out by RC Bogor


Library Support and Computer donation for SMP (Junior High School) Pangerasan, Bogor


Year                      :  2008

Activities               :  Donated books to the library and buying new computers

Project  location   :  SMP Pangerasan, Kertamaya Bogor

Project  duration  :  One month


Project carried out by RC Bogor

Project supported by Wings for Bogor Kids  


Pondok Baca Rotary (Library for Children)

Year                     :  2007 - 2015

Activities              :  Building library and providing books for children

Project  location   :  Desa Ciomas - Kel. Kertamaya Ciherang Pondok

Project  duration  :  5 years and for RC Bogor  on going

Project  cost         :  Rp 82.000.000,-

Project carried out by RC Bogor

First initial by Yayasan Pondok Baca Rotary Indonesia 

Full Scholarship for Junior High School Students – MG 64447 


Year                     :  2007 - 2011

Activities               :  Full Scholarship for 38 Students in Bogor

Project  location   :  Some Junior High Schools in Bogor

Project  duration  :  3 Years

Project  cost       :  US$ 11,000

Project carried out by RC Bogor under Matching Grant #64447

Hairdresser - Vocational Training

Year                      :  2007

Activities               :  Vocational training on hair dressing and  body care  for dropped out student

Project  location   :  Bogor downtown

Project  duration  :  6 months

Project carried out by RC Bogor

Project sponsored by individual Japanese donator 

Scholarship for Individual Acehnese Students

Year                      :  2007

Activities                :  Giving out Scholarships to 6 University   

                                  Students and 2 Elementary Students from


Project  location   :  IGTC Sentul, Bogor

Project  duration  :  6 months

Project carried out by RC Bogor

Built New Houses for Fire Casualties in Cipayung, Bogor

Year                     :  2006

Activities               :  Built 18 houses for families who suffered from fire disaster

Project  location   :  Cipayung Bogor

Project  duration  : 5(five) months

Project  cost        :  Rp 200.000.000,-

Project carried out by RC Bogor

Project sponsored by Later-Day Saint Charities, RC Blackwood Australia and RC Farmington Centerville USA  

Scholarship for Indramayu Girls

Year                                :  2005

Activities                        :  Giving out scholarships to young women avoiding child trafficking,

                                              sexual exploitation and child labor

Project  location         :  Indramayu, West Java

Project  duration        :  One year

Project carried out by   RC Bogor

Project sponsored by   The Ministry of Women Empowerment, ILO - International Labor Organization,

Yayasan Kesejahteraan Anak Indonesia, The International Women Oganizations.

Scholarship for Aceh Tsunami Affected Youngsters

Year                                :  2005

Activities                       :  Giving out 200 Scholarships to Acehnese youngsters

Project  location        :  IGTC Sentul, Bogor

Project  duration       :  One year

Project conducted by RC Bogor

Project sponsored by Commerze Bank, Germany

Emping Production – A Micro Credit Project 

Year                  :  2005-2006

Activities           :  Help Bogor rural communities to produce "emping" (chips from melinjo seeds) and sell it to get daily income 

Project location :  Bogor

Project duration:

Project conducted by RC Bogor

PMI (Red Cross org.) Bed Donation

Year                         :  2004

Activities                 :  Delivering  100(one hundred) hospital beds

Project  location  :  Palang Merah Indonesia (PMI) Hospital Bogor

Project carried out by RC Bogor

Project sponsored by RC Leeuwarden-Zuid (Holland)   

Vocational Training Center


Year                             :  1998

Activities                    :  Helping street/drop-out children to get new skill in garment industry

Project  location     :  Pakuan University

Project  duration   :  4 years

On 2001 VTC Bogor became International Garment Training Center, located in Babakan Madang, Sentul

Project carried out by RC Bogor 



Year                        :    1997-1998

Activities                :    Collecting money and distributing food to

                                         poor people during the  crisis time

Project duration  :   1(one) year

Project  cost           :   Rp 74.500.000,-

Project developed by

•  RC Bogor •  Lion Club Bogor •  Mitra Kebun Raya •  Alumni of Kesatuan School

Clean-up Campaign at Kebun Raya Bogor


Year                           :  1996-1997

Activities                  :   Distribution and installment of garbage bins

Project duration  :   1(one) year

Project  cost            :   Rp 30.000.000,-

Campaign activities:

•Song in casette, interpreted by Henny Poerwonegoro

•Drawing competition for children

•Selling 6000 “Pak Bersih” dolls

•Selling & distributing T-shirts

Tajur Halang - Banana Planting and Goat project

Year                  : 1995 - 1996

Activities           :  Plant a banana trees and breed goats to get milk and meat

Clean Water Project Gunung Malang

Year                      :   1992

Location              :  Gunung Malang, ± 30 km from Ciapus, Bogor

Beneficiaries    :   500 families (2500 people – 3 villages)

Activities              :   Built a water reservoir and distribution of pipelines

Project cost        :  Rp 15.000.000,-

Project duration:  6(six) months

Fully initiated, funded and conducted by Rotary Club Bogor 

POLIO Eradication Project

Year                       : 
Location                :  Bogor
Beneficiaries       : Children in Bogor
Activities                :  Polio Vaksin for Children
Conducted by Rotary Club Bogor