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DG from District 3410 Indonesia Visit RC Bogor

Posted by Rotary Club Bogor on July 28, 2014 at 8:15 AM Comments comments (0)

After few times cancelled due to unfortunate circumstances, finally DG Eva from District 3410 Indonesia made her visit to our Rotary Club Bogor in  Bogor Permai Restaurant on April 22, 2014.

It was a fruitfull meeting with so many information coming and sharing discussion about RC Bogor club projects and conditions within District 3410 Indonesia.

GIVE BACK VISION - The Cataract Surgery Project

Posted by Rotary Club Bogor on November 19, 2012 at 9:30 AM Comments comments (0)

Give Back VISION

From November 15th to 18th, 2012 Together with the Rotary Club of Queenstown, Singapore, Rotary Club Bogor is doing a join club project, which is Cataract Surgery, mostly for aged people in Bogor community, Indonesia, followed with a Fellowship Program

13 of Rotarians with their spouses and children from Singapore came to Bogor on Thursday (15/11) noon to witness the surgery.

The Cataract surgery itself conducted at Klinik Mata "Dr. Hasri Ainun Habibie" in Bogor on Friday morning untill late noon.

25 patients from Bogor surroundings getting their eyes back to normal after that one day surgery.  The Rotarians saw the operation process through the monitor right outside the surgery room.

The Queenstown Rotarians, lead by PE Dr. Hans Jaeger, was having a good time in Bogor.  Some did golfing in Gunung Geulis and the other group went to visit ceramic shop and factory outlets in Bogor. On Saturday, our President took them to hiking in Gunung Gede, though the weather was not quite friendly that day, but the whole group very excited to walk under the mountain and "sawah" (rice paddy fields). On Sunday, one of the Rotarian, insist to visit the traditional market to buy fresh indonesian fruits just before he left the city. Our beloved Pres. Jan's wife (also a Rotarian), Rtn. Rochmah was so happily busy accompany them around the city.

At farewell dinner, Pres. Jan Kleijn addressed his gratitute to all Rotarians and donators who sponsors the project while passing around the club banners to every guest who came along the way from Singapore. 

Many people still look forward to get the Cataract surgery, and it was agreed that this type of project is going continuously and hope that more and more people are helped, as well as more and more Rotarians and benefactors will contribute to the Cataract project.

Rotary Club Bogor School Toilets & Clean Projects

Posted by Rotary Club Bogor on June 18, 2012 at 9:40 PM Comments comments (0)

"Reach within to Embrace Humanity" Rotary year is almost over..but not with the spirit of all The Rotary Club Bogor's Rotarians.

To prepare entering the new Rotary year "Peace through Service" we are undergo to start brand new project - Building toilets for elementary school in Bogor, as pilot project we start with 2 (two) schools which are SDN Carang Pulang I and SDN Carang Pulang II.

This project is supported by Sandiaga Uno Foundation and Siemens company, who is been our project partner for quite some time now. 

This toilets project will be follow by Sanitation Education which we are going to call "Clean Project" conducted by our young generation Rotaractor Buitenzorg Bogor.  Detail on the projects will be coming soon.

As for now kindly enjoy the pictures below

Serah terima bantuan dari Rotary Club Bogor

SDN Carang Pulang I

SDN Carang Pulang II

Ngopi Amal bareng Rotaract Buitenzorg

Posted by Rotary Club Bogor on October 6, 2011 at 1:35 PM Comments comments (0)

A Fun Charity activity conducted by Rotaract Club of Buitenzorg on September 21, 2011 at Graha Widya Wisuda Building.

They sold hot coffee and ice coffee during Graduation ceremony of Institute Pertanian Bogor.

The purpose is to introduce Rotaract Club to their young friends and get some fundraising.

The 6th Annual Charity Rotary Club Bogor Golf Tournament

Posted by Rotary Club Bogor on September 15, 2011 at 1:30 PM Comments comments (0)


Established in 1987, The Rotary Club Bogor acknowledged by our humanitarian projects in health, education and children malnutrition that purposed to support people from marginal communities in Bogor area surroundings.

This year Rotary International choose “REACH WITHIN TO EMBRACE HUMANITY” as its theme, family is the basic foundation of a good life, Rotary asks everyone in the world to start caring from the basic; children and mother healthcare, safe and clean environment. As good families lead to good neighborhoods and good neighborhoods build good communities. Good communities make great nations.

In accomplishing and supporting our humanitarian projects this year, we plan to have continuance on our fundraising activity, a golf tournament which has reach 6th annual this year:

The 6thAnnual Charity Golf Tournament

Rotary Club Bogor

Sentul HighlandsGolf Club

Sentul City, Bogor

Friday, 11 November2011

Ticket: Rp 900.000,-

Tee off start at 07.00am



Our principal targets for this event are senior businessmen from the oil andgas, telecommunications, financial, automotive, diplomatic and industrialsectors including our many expatriate friends.

Should you like to participate please contact and we will send you the Registration form and Ticket.

DG Ridlo Eisy Visit to Rotary Club Bogor

Posted by Rotary Club Bogor on August 22, 2011 at 4:05 AM Comments comments (0)

On August 9th, the new District Governor D3400 Indonesia, M. Ridlo Eisy visited Rotary Club Bogor as part of his Club to Clubprogram visits, accompanied by Assistant Governor (AG) Danny Wangsahardja from RC of Metropolitan, they arrived around 7pm at Bogor Permai Restaurant where the welcome ceremony is held.

The meeting starts with “Buka Puasa Bersama” break fasting for those Rotarian and Rotaractors who join the fasting month.  During the dinner, President of Rotary Club Bogor, Dirk Jan Kleijn presented the history, fact and future plan of the Bogor Club itself.

After that DG Ridlo was giving his presentation, the Rotary Theme of this year is Reach Within to Embrace Humanity; the purpose is to start from the basic, which is the family, care about mothers health and its neighborhood so they can raise healthy children then healthier nations.

Beside compliment us for already having a great Rotaractor Club (Rotaract Club of Buitenzorg) and encourage us to continue best activities, DG Ridlo also pursue Rotary Club Bogor to help District 3400 infulfilling the goals this year by doing the following:

  • Increase club membership
  • Charter one new Rotary Club
  • Form a new RCC (Rotary Community Corps)
  • Increase contribution to The Rotary Foundation(TRF) by doing 100% EREY (Every Rotarian Every Year) within the club members
  • Encourage to get 2 donors for Paul HarrisFoundation (PHF)
  • Put Target APF (Annual Permanent Fund) percapita to $300

Other facts DG represented; there are 1,739 members in District 3400 Indonesia. In Jabodetabek itself there are 17 clubs now and expect to grow more in this 2011-2012 year. (gv)


Rotary MG Scholarship Students Final Gathering

Posted by Rotary Club Bogor on August 1, 2011 at 5:42 AM Comments comments (0)


Rotary Club Bogor was conducting a Final Gathering for the children recipients of scholarship program supported under Rotary Matching Grant #64447. The program has reached the end after three years.

The event was be held on Sunday, the 17th of July 2011at the parking area of GOR Villa Duta, Bogor - West Java, Indonesia. We start at 10.00 till around 14.00, there we celebrated and had lunch together.

The attendants were 20 children with their parent, the teachers and Rotary Club Bogor members.

Congratulations Children!!

"Bakti Sosial" Cleft Lip Surgery for children

Posted by Rotary Club Bogor on June 21, 2011 at 4:56 AM Comments comments (0)

On 17th – 18th of June, 2011 Rotary Club of Bogor together with Yayasan Kenari and Family Medical Center hospital in Ciluar, Bogor held a Social Event on doing Cleft Lip Surgery for babies and teenagers who comes from Bogor marginal areas.

The Social Event supposedly aimed to get 50 children operated, but only 32 showed up with their parents and relatives.  Rotary Club of Bogor itself sent eight babies and one 17 year old teenager. Unfortunately one baby failed to get into operation table, as he diagnosed TBC.  For this matter Rotary Club of Bogor will handle this littleone and arrange another operation for him after he’s cure from his illness. The other patients came from Yayasan Kenari collaborated with Bogor Kabupaten Health Department. The total who got operated is 28 children, as another 3 babies got rejected too for various health reasons.

The doctors who did the operations are volunteers from YPPCBL Bandung and dr. Evi from FMC hospital. Yayasan Kenari is funding this surgery with the help from Later Days Saint Charity (LDSC), Mr. Melvin Meredith and Mrs. Meredith from LDSC Utah, USA were there to witness the surgery process.  For two days in a row, they did this mass operation.  For a token of appreciation, Rotary Club of Bogor invited the doctors, staffs of FMC Hospital and Yayasan Kenari to a thankful dinner on Friday night at Bogor Permai Restaurant (the oldest and one of the best restaurants in Bogor city).

Rotary Club of Bogor for the last four years has done this kind of Cleft Lip surgery for children and we are determine continuously to do so, a discussion with FMC hospital director, dr. Rosalina has been occurred that in the future Rotary Club of Bogor plans to pursue this collaboration to get as many as children getting operated there, by the help of Rotary Club of Bogor donator, Rotary International and other personal benefactors.

Rotary Club of Bogor also would thank Ibu Rika Salmons the founder of Yayasan Kenari and its kindhearted members, Mr. Melvin Meredith & Mrs. Meredith from LDSC, also the owners of FMC hospital, dr. Yuli, dr. Evi, the FMC staffs, all the doctors from YPPCBL Bandung, and everyone who has work so hard to help these children operated and hopefully in the future they can live normally and earn a better life.


Educational Projects

Posted by Rotary Club Bogor on May 20, 2011 at 4:44 AM Comments comments (1)

International Garment Training Center

The member of Rotary Club of Bogor is not intimidated by big projects.  The successful clean-up of Bogor Botanical Garden, a popular park with more than 10,000 species of plantsin 2000, gave it confidence to embark on a greater endeavor, the International Garment Training Center (IGTC) in Sentul Bogor. Attached you will find a brief information about this project from the Rotary Club Bogor, a unique project in Indonesia.  It was started in 1999, 238 young people from disadvantaged families were trained free of charge in six months-course andplace in industrial jobs. 

The project constantly grew, a foundation was set up in2001, enough funds was raised to purchased one hectare of land near Bogor and extensive facilities i.e. three fully equipped ‘mini factories’, five classrooms, computer lab, auditorium and dormitories for 192 students.  Total 240 students study at IGTC at any onetime, total 360 per year.  The original concept remains unchanged.  Youngsters from disadvantaged families receive scholarships inc. housing and food; find IGTC helped Acehnese young people to get better knowledge, skills and become qualified workers in the garment industry.  In the area of Indramayu the level of poverty, the literacy rate and the average of attended school years are much lower compared to West Java or Indonesia in general.

International Garment Training Center had also supported young people of Indramayu.  For this later project, IGTC got fully coorperation from the Ministry of  Women Empowerment, ILO-International Labor Organization, YKAI (Yayasan KesejahteraanAnak Indonesia) and the International Women Organizations. InternationalGarment Training Center supported the Indramayu girls until 2006.

International Garment Training Center is no more Rotary Club Bogor’s focus to allow it to develop on its own feet into a more professional institution while in part continuing its mission to help disadvantaged people.

Scholarships for Tsuname affected students

Rotary Club of Bogor supported 6 Acehnese students in Gunadarma University and ISTN Jakarta, and 2 elementary school students in Cibinong to pay their school fees, transportation and living costs plus pocketmoney.  The scholarships ranged from IDR400,000 to 750,000 per month. Unfortunately, we must have terminated in supporting them since July 2007 due to lack of sponsor.  Most of them have graduated.

Scholarship for Young Girl in Bogor

Rotary Club of Bogor supported a young girl, Irmawati (18) in Bogor who was originally supported by Plan International.  This Organization left Bogor and Jakarta and her individual sponsor in Tokyo, Japan asked us to help her.  So Rotary Club of Bogor helped Irmawati and provided her a vocational training in hair cutting and make-up.  Irmawati has found a job in a hair salon annex training center with success and gets her own salary to support her family.

Scholarship for nineteen Junior High School students inBogor

Joined with our sincere partner RC Farmington-Centerville in USA, our application for a Matching Grant (MG) to RF has been approved this midyear 2008.  Just before the school year began, we selected 19 children from the very poor families as the scholarship recipients.  It will continue for three years, at least until the children finish their Junior High School.  The assistance covers the school fees, books, stationeries, school uniform and transportation cost.


Individual Based Medical Projects

Posted by Rotary Club Bogor on May 20, 2011 at 4:09 AM Comments comments (2)

Iin (21) Hospitalization and rehabilitation after a trainaccident

Iin,who lost an arm and a leg in a train accident in August 2003 and who received medical treatment and rehabilitation from the Rotary Club of Bogor, via the Disabled Rehabilitation Center of the Ministry of Defense in Bintaro, Jakarta.  She was well settled in Panti Sosial Dina Daksa Satria Utama, a government training institute for handicapped youngsters in Cengkareng.

She took sewing and tailoring courses and got additional courses from the Rotary Club Bogor in English and in computers. She lives now again with her parents in Bogor and is trying to make a living.  Regularly our Community Service members, visit her and keep in touch with her.

Nita (5) Lymphatic Oedema on the left leg

In April 2004 Nita and her mother Supiyatun were for a week in Australia for preliminary medical checks of Nita at Flinters Medical Centerin Adelaide.  In January 2005 she went to Australia again, with her mother, for an operation and further treatments.  Garuda Indonesia provided ticket with 75%discount.

The case was much more complex than anticipated: the threeof four weeks she was expected to stay in Australia turned into almost three months.  Half of Nita’s food was amputated and her leg was debulked.  The surgical team waived their fees and the hospital didn’t charge for the hospitalization either.

She has improved a lot and the project can be considered a ssuccessful.  Yet some expenses were still envisaged.  Nita goes monthly for physiotherapy at the Disabled Rehabilitation Center of the Ministry of Defense in Bintaro Jakarta.

Adit (16) Haemangioma on the left side of the face

In July 2005 Adit went for the second operation to dr. Arend Ponggawa at Sumber Waras Hospital. However, there was so much bleeding that the operation was stopped.  Subsequently dr. Arend referred Adit to dr. Peter Hassan and -after aconsiderable waiting period- a laser operation was carried out.

The expectation in the case of Adit is maximum of two operations to end up with Adit’s well being.

Nur(16) Haemangioma on the right side of the face

Early 2006 dr. Arend Ponggawa, a plastic surgeon and medical director of Sumber Waras hospital in Jakarta, dr. Lukas Budiono Atmadji,neuro-surgeon at the same hospital and dr. Peter Hassan, specialist in skin laser operation, decided that the best course of action for combating Nur’s haemangioma was cauterization by laser in two or more sessions.  It was hope to scounge the blood vessels, thus starving the tissue of blood vessels and eventually remove the left-overtissue by plastic surgery.  There had been a considerable length of time between the sessions.

The immediate result of the treatment was an enlargement ofher swelling but that was expected. Subsequently to the improvement was a worsening of her condition.  

Through the contacts we had laid with Adelaide, Rotary Clubof Bogor somehow managed to bring Nur to Australia. Professor David is a topspecialist in cranio-facial conditions in Adelaide, and is considered one of the best in South-East Asia and the Pacific. Two MRIs with an interval of a year, medical reports and photos were hand carried to Dr. David by visitors from the Rotary Club of Blackwood near Adelaide.  

During Idul Fitri 2006, Nur received her first, very complicated surgery with success in Adelaide. Professor David has certified the good results of the surgery and provided advises for the follow ups.  The swelling has been reducing slowly but sure.

Since 2007, the swelling seemed to disappear but she needs some make-up surgeries to remove the excessive growth of her upper part of right eye.  More operation(s) will berequired with high care. Rotary Club Bogor has been thinking of this and intensive communications with the hospital in Adelaide as well as with RC Blackwood resulted in the decision that she is going to undertake the follow up operation very soon in Jakarta – via Yayasan Citra Baru that has close cooperation with dr. David.

Harelip and Cleft palate operations

One of the continuous project of Rotary Club Bogor.  The operations were carried out in Jakarta firstly via Sinar Pelangi Foundation. Before the operations the babies and children stayed overnight in SinarPelangi and after the operation they stay there for few days to recover.  The Rotary Club Bogor works in this field of charity together with Sinar Pelangi Foundation and the Dutch Foundation,Liliane Fonds.  Up to 2006 we had sent 17children to Sinar Pelangi with satisfying results.

Since early 2007, Rotary Club Bogor has brought over 100 children to Yayasan Citra Baru with the support of RC Jakarta-Metropolitan as well as of some individuals.  Cash donation from Oregon Rotarians has been delivered by Rotary Club Bogor to Yayasan Kenari in Bogor which works on the same project.  A private company in Jakarta donated some amount of money via RC Jakarta Metropolitan which developed cooperation with Taiwanese surgeons to help more children.  Rotary Club Bogor took the chance to send 9 children in October 2008.  This number will most probably befollowed by another group of patients from Bogor and surroundings.  Rtn. Taufik Nugraha is very dedicated in thisproject.